​Some helpful answers to things you might be wondering.

1. Do you do discounts for big groups?

Sorry, no, the club is priced as cheaply as possibly for everyone. I could be greedy and pump the prices up, but I want a full room and keeping ticket prices affordable for all is how we're hoping to achieve this.

2. It's me/my mates birthday/leaving do/hen night, can you make a fuss of them?

Not the kind of club we are trying to build, we'll certainly be talking to people in the audience and if it comes up, it comes up, but don't get arsey if we miss some people out. While it may be important to you there are hundreds of others in the theatre who have come for the comedy.

3. Why do I have to switch my phone off?

Because comedy is easily ruined by some bellend loudly taking a call in the middle of a joke. Don't be a bellend, eh?

4. Can I heckle?

As I will be compering all the shows, you are more than welcome to get involved when I'm on stage, but the chances are you'll be made to look like a right tit. However, when the acts are doing their thing, just let them get on with it.  Interaction with the audience is a great part of a comedy night but if you are deemed to be disrupting the night by going on and on and on, you'll be kicked out.

5. I was told to stop talking, why?

​Because you were talking. It annoys others around you and distracts the comedians. So, you know, shut up, we'll all have a better show.

​6. Can I bring my children?


​This is you chance to get away from them!

Seriously though, this is adult comedy, there will be some swearsies and some sexy stuff so please leave the bairns at home.